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Life should be good for Gina Gray. She has a job she loves, she is just about to move into a small but perfect flat in Bloomsbury and DCI David Scott has come back into her life.

Book Six; Little Honour is out now.



Thank you for visiting the website of Penny Freedman, author of six novels forming the Gina Grey mystery series. The later, Little Honour is available on audible and the full series can be found direct from Matador Bookshop, Amazon and other online retailers.

Penny found the idea for the first novel, 'This is a Dreadful Sentence', when she was teaching English at a college in Kent and noticed a kitchen knife lying on one of the bookshelves in the library. This picture lodged in her mind and came out years later as a new twist on the classic 'body in the library' plot: a foreign student is found stabbed and crushed to death in a college library.



I love this series. The mysteries are carefully plotted, wry and funny.